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Motorcycle accident victims can turn to us for help

Despite constant safety and technological innovations, combined with ongoing public awareness campaigns, motor vehicle accidents are still a leading source of injuries throughout the country. Most people in and around Orleans Parish probably know someone who has suffered serious injuries or other life-changing effects from such an accident.

Speeding car in rain causes fatal crash on a Louisiana bridge

Residents in New Orleans encounter various types of weather. While snow and ice during the winter months do not frequently occur, Louisiana residents see their fair share of rain. A light shower may not create much of any hazards for drivers, but heavy rain could lead to severe dangers and risks on the roadways. Drivers should be cautious during inclement weather in order to reduce their chances of being involved in a car accident. Failure to do so could be deemed negligent.

Universal helmet laws in Louisiana

People realize that driving in cars and trucks can be dangerous; however, safety features exist to help minimize the risk. These safety features include safety glass, metal frames, seat belts and airbags. With these features those driving or riding in cars are significantly safer. While motorcycles act as transportation like cars and trucks, they lack the safety features that most of these larger vehicles have. Therefore, motorcycle accidents can result in devastating injuries for riders.

LA state police investigate fatal motorcycle accident in Zachary

Every year, motorcyclists in Louisiana and throughout the country coordinate their efforts to raise awareness about motorcycle safety. There is particular emphasis on making drivers of cars and trucks aware of their responsibility to watch out for motorcyclists and share the road. A single moment of distraction while behind the wheel can have catastrophic consequences in a collision between a car and a bike.

Now is a good time to talk to Louisiana teens about safe driving

Throughout Louisiana, students are returning to school after summer break, and many of them are driving for the first time. As parents undoubtedly know, it may take a number of years before a young driver exercises due caution on the road. Studies have repeatedly shown that young drivers -- in particular, those aged 15 to 20 -- tend to be more reckless than older drivers, though there are certainly plenty of older drivers who fail to protect themselves and others from injury.

1 killed, 1 seriously injured in Thibodaux motorcycle accident

The vast majority of motorcyclists are careful riders who properly share the road with cars and trucks. However, despite the best efforts of motorcyclists, sometimes they suffer serious injuries because of other motorists' actions.

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