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How to handle a hit-and-run car accident

Under Louisiana law, drivers must remain at the scene of an accident if the accident causes damage to property or injures anybody. All other states have similar laws, which make it a crime to leave the scene of an auto accident before authorities can arrive to get more information and to help any injured people. Of course, not everyone follows the law and hit-and-run accidents do occur in New Orleans and in other parts of the state.

What are the costs of a truck accident?

Most drivers in the New Orleans area probably have some experience related to truck accidents. Whether that experience involves hearing about a tractor-trailer accident on the news, seeing one on the highway, or even being involved in one, some of the dangers and consequences of these kinds of accidents are obvious. But what are the total costs of a truck accident?

Motorcycle accident victims can turn to us for help

Despite constant safety and technological innovations, combined with ongoing public awareness campaigns, motor vehicle accidents are still a leading source of injuries throughout the country. Most people in and around Orleans Parish probably know someone who has suffered serious injuries or other life-changing effects from such an accident.

New Orleans truck accident results in injuries and damages

Truck drivers, like people driving in other vehicles on New Orleans' roadways, are prone to the occasional lapse in concentration while they are driving. The difference is that trucks are much bigger and heavier than smaller motor vehicles like cars and SUVs. This means that if a truck driver loses concentration and causes an accident, the consequences can be much more severe than when this happens with the driver of a car.

Garbage truck accident kills Louisiana woman

Without cars, society would look a lot different than it does today. However, with all the positive change that cars have a down side. They injure and kill thousands of people each year in Louisiana and across the country. When people do not take the responsibility of driving a car seriously, car accidents occur.

New Orleans man killed in collision with garbage truck

Driving a car can be risky for Louisiana residents. There is always the risk of an accident which can cause serious or fatal injuries. This risk comes from other drivers on the road, distractions found within the car and from larger commercial vehicles.

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