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The facts on drunk driving in Louisiana

Many automobile manufacturers are in an ongoing competition with each other to make vehicles that offer more and more safety features. While it is certainly true that today's vehicles are safer than they've ever been, drivers should never allow themselves to have a false sense of security when they get behind the wheel. Regardless of a vehicle's safety features, drivers are ultimately responsible for ensuring their own safety, and the safety of others around them on the roadways.

New Orleans truck accident results in injuries and damages

Truck drivers, like people driving in other vehicles on New Orleans' roadways, are prone to the occasional lapse in concentration while they are driving. The difference is that trucks are much bigger and heavier than smaller motor vehicles like cars and SUVs. This means that if a truck driver loses concentration and causes an accident, the consequences can be much more severe than when this happens with the driver of a car.

Speeding car in rain causes fatal crash on a Louisiana bridge

Residents in New Orleans encounter various types of weather. While snow and ice during the winter months do not frequently occur, Louisiana residents see their fair share of rain. A light shower may not create much of any hazards for drivers, but heavy rain could lead to severe dangers and risks on the roadways. Drivers should be cautious during inclement weather in order to reduce their chances of being involved in a car accident. Failure to do so could be deemed negligent.

Louisiana State Police respond to two fatal pedestrian accidents

Whether it is night or day, in a residential area or city, residents in Louisiana are often considered a pedestrian at some point in the day. Even if they are just traveling by foot from their vehicle to a store, business or home, an individual becomes a pedestrian in the parking lot, sidewalks or roadways near their parked vehicle. Despite the short duration an individual is a pedestrian, it is important that both drivers and pedestrians are aware of one another and practice safety in order to avoid an auto-pedestrian accident.

Importance of investigation and determining negligence in a crash

Car accidents are an unfortunate event, but the fact is that they can happen and could leave a victim with serious injuries. Following a car crash, it is important to properly investigate the incident. This will help uncover the cause of the incident. In addition, it could help assign liability or fault in the crash. This information could be very useful for an accident victim, especially if they seek to recover compensation for the injuries, losses and damages caused by the negligence of another driver.

Things you should know after a New Orleans pedestrian accident

Foot traffic is a vital aspect of New Orleans culture, and our region is generally pedestrian friendly. However, each year pedestrians and bicyclists in New Orleans suffer injuries in collisions with cars and trucks. Such a crash can change a person's life forever.

Trucking insurance minimums still at 1980s levels

The trucking industry is closely regulated for good reason. Large commercial vehicles carry extremely heavy loads at high rates of speed, and a momentary mistake on the part of a truck driver can have catastrophic consequences. That is why truck drivers are required to log their hours of service, take breaks to avoid fatigue and regularly conduct vehicle maintenance checks.

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