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Louisiana motorcycle accident has fatal result

Making a U-turn in a car or SUV involves dangers that do not necessarily exist when a driver makes a regular turn. For example, the driver making the U-turn may have to cross multiple lanes of traffic with other vehicles approaching the turning car from two different directions. Also, people on side streets may be trying to turn onto the road just when the other vehicle is in the middle of the U-turn, which can create an instant collision.

Motorcycle accident victims can turn to us for help

Despite constant safety and technological innovations, combined with ongoing public awareness campaigns, motor vehicle accidents are still a leading source of injuries throughout the country. Most people in and around Orleans Parish probably know someone who has suffered serious injuries or other life-changing effects from such an accident.

Do helmets really protect motorcyclists?

Motorcycle unawareness is the cause of far too many serious injuries and deaths to motorcyclists. The problem occurs because drivers in other vehicles are either not paying attention or simply do not see the motorcycle in their vicinity. Although drivers are more accustomed to driving next to larger vehicles, like cars and trucks, they have an obligation to also pay attention for motorcyclists nearby.

Universal helmet laws in Louisiana

People realize that driving in cars and trucks can be dangerous; however, safety features exist to help minimize the risk. These safety features include safety glass, metal frames, seat belts and airbags. With these features those driving or riding in cars are significantly safer. While motorcycles act as transportation like cars and trucks, they lack the safety features that most of these larger vehicles have. Therefore, motorcycle accidents can result in devastating injuries for riders.

Can those at fault for an accident still recover damages?

When things go wrong for Louisiana residents, there are often multiple people who can share the blame. One person may have been more responsible for the incident, but others could have played smaller parts that also contributed, and therefore it is often necessary to sort out how the event occurred and what role different people may have played in causing it.

1 killed, 1 seriously injured in Thibodaux motorcycle accident

The vast majority of motorcyclists are careful riders who properly share the road with cars and trucks. However, despite the best efforts of motorcyclists, sometimes they suffer serious injuries because of other motorists' actions.

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