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Truck accidents can result in serious injuries to victims

Truck accidents are serious accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries and death to victims. Serious injuries that can result from truck accidents can include brain injuries and spinal cord and back injuries. Because of the size disparity of semi-trucks compared to passenger vehicles they share the roadways with, victims of truck accidents hit in a passenger vehicle are more likely to sustain serious injuries than in some other types of accidents.

Understanding the dangers of trucks on the roads

The last thing anyone wants to think about when we hop in our cars and enter the roads is getting into an accident. Yet, as we all know, as careful and considerate on the roads we may be, we cannot account for the actions of other drivers on the road. Accidents happen. In most cases, accidents involving two cars is minor. But when trucks are involved, it is a whole different story.

Louisiana proposes bill to slow down commercial trucks

With injuries and deaths on Louisiana roads continuing to happen everyday, the state has proposed a bill that they believe could increase the safety of people traveling in passenger vehicles. Semi trucks, commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are already subject to lots of laws and regulations that ensure they and those around them are safe. However, these rules and laws have failed to eliminate motor-vehicle injuries and deaths when they are involved in truck accidents. One proposed bill would require Louisiana truck drivers to slow down.

Truck driver could be responsible for LA truck accident injuries

When we think about people who operate heavy machinery, it is hoped above all else that these people value safety. Since heavy machinery can cause injury quickly and without prior warning, a safe and aware operator can have a profound affect on the outcome of a machine malfunction. This theory applies to those that operate semi-trucks or tractor-trailers. These are considered heavy machinery even though they are an everyday occurrence in the average person's day.

Do not delay if truck accident has left you or loved one injured

A motor-vehicle or truck accident injury can turn the accident victim's life and their family members' lives upside-down. The suddenness of a truck accident can make the injury and situation even more traumatizing. For example, a truck accident may last a matter of moments, but can have a resounding impact for weeks or years to come. Those who have been injured due to the negligence of another should not delay in seeking the reparations they deserve.

Truck companies weigh insurance options

Accidents involving commercial trucks can end in tremendous injuries and property damage. People in New Orleans who have traveled next to a big rig truck probably know that these tractor trailers are enormous in size and weight compared to average passenger vehicles. This means that when a large truck is traveling at highway speeds, a collision can involve deadly forces.

Do truck company hiring practices lead to truck accidents?

Many people in the New Orleans area have dealt with financial challenges stemming from the nationwide recession that began in 2008. Though the local and national economies have been steadily recovering, some of the effects of the recession linger. This is especially true among older people who have had to postpone their plans for full retirement.

Assistance for tractor-trailer accident victims

Trucking is one of the primary ways that companies move goods across the country. Like every other state, Louisiana has its fair share of trucks that haul goods in and out of the state on a daily basis. New Orleans is, of course, a hub for a lot of trucking activity, due to the active ports in the area.

How many people die from truck accidents?

Many people in New Orleans may be intuitively weary of driving their cars next to large tractor-trailers on highways and other roadways. Given the fact that these large vehicles can be up to 30 times heavier than passenger cars, and that trucks are higher off the ground, a car is no match for a semi-truck in a collision. But just how many people die from accidents with large trucks?

Drivers shouldn’t let job difficulty lead to truck accidents

Driving goods throughout the country in a tractor-trailer is an important job, but it can also be a dangerous one. Many truck drivers crisscross the country, traveling long distances and driving long hours. Handling such a large vehicle day in and day out can eventually take its toll on a truck driver’s health and well-being.

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