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Driver of passenger vehicle blamed in fatal motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents can have a devastating impact on victims and their families. A recent New Orleans area fatal motorcycle accident claimed the life of a motorcycle rider. The fatal motorcycle accident involved two vehicles and motorcycle. According to authorities, an improper lane change was to blame for the fatal motorcycle accident. The motorcycle accident occurred when an SUV improperly changed lanes from the right lane to the right center lane, striking and killing the victim.

How New Orleans drivers can stay safe around motorcyclists

Like other parties of the country, New Orleans is the home to a lot of motorcyclists. Although Louisiana is thankfully a place where people can in most years ride motorcycles almost year round, riding a motorcycle is a particularly popular activity in the warmer summer months, and drivers need to be on the alert.

Investigate motorcycle accident to determine fault of auto driver

The saying goes, if you want something done right - you do it yourself. While this may be true of childhood chores, math homework and getting the kids ready for school, not everything can be done alone. That's why people have friends, family and other trusted people in their corner to help them when times get tough. Times definitely can get tough after suffering injuries in a motorcycle accident.

What points to driver negligence for motorcyclist's injuries?

Most motorcyclists today know the risks of driving a motorcycle. Everything equal, motorcyclists have a higher chance of being involved in an accident or even of being seriously injured or killed in the process. Motorcyclists have every right to continue to travel the way they do. There are certain types of motorcycle accidents that point to situations in which the motor-vehicle driver was negligent at the time of the crash.

Protecting your rights after a motorcycle crash

Motorcyclists are able to enjoy rides and use their motorcycles as a source of transportation at almost any time of the year in New Oreans. While this mode of transportation is resourceful and an efficient way to get around, there are some risks and downsides to riding a motorcycle. If motorists fail to follow the rules of the road, or failto check their blind spots for travelers, a serious motorcycle crash could ensue.

Taking action following a motorcycle accident

While many motorcycle enthusiasts are constrained by the winter weather, those in the New Orleans area are able to ride all year long. Whether it is just for fun or a person's main source of transportation, motorcycles present many benefits. On the other hand, riding a motorcycle also causes a biker to encounter many dangers and risks. If another motorist is inattentive or fails to obey the rules of the road, this could generate a motorcycle crash.

Man claims that motorcycle accident led to amputation

Driving a motor vehicle requires a person's undivided attention. Moreover, a driver needs to have their mental and physical faculties fully functioning to drive safely. Drugs and alcohol, on the other hand, impair a person's mental and physical abilities, which is why impaired driving is so dangerous. The same can be true if a person is under the influence of prescription drugs when they get behind the wheel.

What does the yearly data show about motorcycle accidents?

People in the New Orleans area may be aware that 2015 was a relatively bad year for traffic fatalities across the country. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 35,000 people lost their lives in traffic crashes last year. This marked a significant 7.2 percent increase over the number of traffic fatalities from 2014. While the overall numbers were alarming, how did motorcycle accidents weigh in compared to prior years?

Fatal motorcycle accident numbers are not promising

Motorcycling is a popular means of entertainment or enjoyment for some people and for others it can be an economical and convenient method of daily transportation. Of course, riding a motorcycle comes with substantial risks including serious injuries that can cause permanent disability and even death.

A look at motorcycle accidents in Louisiana

Motorcycle riders can be particularly vulnerable on the roadways, as drivers who are not paying careful attention may not see them and the costs can be catastrophic for motorcyclists. During 2015 in Louisiana, 1,524 motorcyclists were injured or killed; in 2014, 1,497 motorcyclists were injured or killed; in 2013, 1,544 motorcyclists were injured or killed; in 2012, 1,625 motorcyclists were injured or killed and in 2011, 1,711 motorcyclists were injured or killed in motorcycle accidents. While it may seem like a lot of numbers, each represents a motorcycle accident victim and family greatly impacted.

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