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January 2015 Archives

Louisiana State Police respond to two fatal pedestrian accidents

Whether it is night or day, in a residential area or city, residents in Louisiana are often considered a pedestrian at some point in the day. Even if they are just traveling by foot from their vehicle to a store, business or home, an individual becomes a pedestrian in the parking lot, sidewalks or roadways near their parked vehicle. Despite the short duration an individual is a pedestrian, it is important that both drivers and pedestrians are aware of one another and practice safety in order to avoid an auto-pedestrian accident.

Importance of investigation and determining negligence in a crash

Car accidents are an unfortunate event, but the fact is that they can happen and could leave a victim with serious injuries. Following a car crash, it is important to properly investigate the incident. This will help uncover the cause of the incident. In addition, it could help assign liability or fault in the crash. This information could be very useful for an accident victim, especially if they seek to recover compensation for the injuries, losses and damages caused by the negligence of another driver.

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