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What causes most car accidents?

People in New Orleans, like other parts of the country, speak of collisions on the roadways as accidents. In one sense, they are rightly called car accidents because few people would strike another vehicle on purpose. In another respects though, only a handful of collisions are accidents in the sense that no one could have done anything to prevent them.

The vast majority of wrecks, almost 95 percent, can be attributed to human error or omission that could be prevented. In other words, most accidents should not happen if drivers and others exercise the right degree of care.

While off duty, NOPD officer dies in motorcycle crash

A young New Orleans police officer died while off duty and riding his personal motorcycle. He just moved because his girlfriend was transferred to the area for work.

The fatal motorcycle accident involved another vehicle. According to reports, the officer slammed in to the side of a car that had made a turn in front of his path. The car was attempting a left turn from an oncoming lane of traffic in to a private path.

Why are people so tempted to pick up the phone while driving?

For the most part, it seems that people in New Orleans are going to have to accept the fact that today's society is one which instant communication is expected.

The average person tends to believe that if something important happens in the lives of their loved ones, they will know about it and know about it within moments after it happens.

Distracted driving season is still in full swing

Although summer is winding down, at least for the next couple of weeks, New Orleans, Louisiana, residents need to be aware that what can rightly be called distracted driving is still in full swing and will be until around Labor Day.

In this respect, motorcyclists who are still savoring the warm weather of summertime should be particularly watchful for distracted drivers, as an inattentive driver can easily cause a severe motorcycle accident, even if they only take their eyes off of the road for a second or two.

Representation after a wrong way accident

A previous post on this blog discussed the causes of wrong way accidents on major roads in the area, a phenomenon which is sadly more common that what some people might think.

The first instinct of a victim in a wrong way accident, or the family of someone who tragically died in such an accident, might be that there is no need for a personal injury attorney since it is pretty clear that the driver who drove the wrong way is the one responsible for the accident.

What causes wrong way driving on the freeway?

As the largest city in Louisiana, New Orleans is home to many interstates and other major multi-lane highways. These larger highways are designed to move a high volume of traffic through the city safely by keeping traffic traveling in opposite directions clearly separated.

Unfortunately, however, these safety mechanisms sometimes fail. For instance, it is more common than one might think for a driver to get on the freeway from the wrong direction and start traveling at high speeds right into oncoming traffic. Sometimes, this is either intentional or just extremely reckless behavior on the part of a thrill seeker.

Despite countermeasures, distracted driving still a problem

Like the vast majority of states, Louisiana has a law prohibiting texting and driving. However, at least according to one recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, many people seem determined to keep talking on their phones, texting, using the internet and the like while driving. It may be that this sort of behavior has just become ingrained in the minds of people.

The study found that 390,000 people got hurt in crashes related to distracted driving each year on average, and 3,500 die at the hands of distracted drivers.

Counter to national trend, motorcycle deaths rise in Louisiana

Louisiana residents received some bad news last month when preliminary numbers regarding how many motorcyclists died in accidents in this state last year. Specifically, the number of deaths rose slightly, from 92 to 95, going from 2016 to 2017. This was an increase of 3.3 percent.

This statistic runs contrary to the national trend; across the country, the number of motorcyclists killed in accidents decreased by 5.5 percent, from 5,286 to 4,990. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this decrease was a one-time fluke or the start of a fortunate trend.

We work to hold inattentive drivers accountable

Previous posts on this blog have talked about the dangers distracted drivers present to the people of New Orleans and the surrounding Louisiana communities. Inattentive and distracted drivers are a particular hazard to motorcyclists. Given their small size, motorcycles are naturally harder to see than a full-sized passenger vehicle. What this means is that drivers have to be particularly on the lookout for motorcycles both while traveling along and at intersections or when they are trying to make a turn.

After a serious motorcycle accident, the driver of the other car may claim that they simply did not see the motorcyclist before the accident. Although this might be a common defense, the reality is that it does not mean that a motorcyclist should not receive compensation from the driver that hit him. It rather begs the question as why the driver did not see the motorcyclist.

Federal rules limit time truckers can spend on road

This blog has previously alluded to the fact that many truckers who pass through the New Orleans area are subject to federal hours of service regulations, which are also commonly referred to as the "rest rules."

In an effort to prevent truck driver fatigue, and as their name implies, these rules limit the amount of time a trucker can be making deliveries before he or she must legally pull over and take an extended break.

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