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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

Understanding the dangers of trucks on the roads

The last thing anyone wants to think about when we hop in our cars and enter the roads is getting into an accident. Yet, as we all know, as careful and considerate on the roads we may be, we cannot account for the actions of other drivers on the road. Accidents happen. In most cases, accidents involving two cars is minor. But when trucks are involved, it is a whole different story.

Many of us may take trucks on the road for granted, but the reality is that trucks, with their large size and weight, can be incredibly dangerous on the roads. It is not uncommon for accidents involving trucks to lead to serious, catastrophic or even deadly injuries.

Investigate motorcycle accident to determine fault of auto driver

The saying goes, if you want something done right - you do it yourself. While this may be true of childhood chores, math homework and getting the kids ready for school, not everything can be done alone. That's why people have friends, family and other trusted people in their corner to help them when times get tough. Times definitely can get tough after suffering injuries in a motorcycle accident.

The sad truth is that many motorcycle accident injuries could have been prevented. Oftentimes, it is auto vehicle driver negligence that causes motorcycle accidents to happen in the first place. It's true that motorcycles are smaller than auto vehicles. However, they have the same right to safety on the road as does anyone else. If an auto vehicle driver wasn't paying attention and was the cause behind a motorcyclist's injuries, this is no excuse.

Distracted driving could have caused your car accident injury

It is easy to imagine that a person could become distracted at some point when behind the wheel. Between kids in the backseat, a cell phone ringing off the hook or simply trying to multi-task while driving, it's a feasible thought. However, when distracted driving behavior becomes the cause of a car accident and the corresponding injuries, it's a very serious matter. Even looking away from the road for a moment could be the factor that caused a New Orleans car accident.

There has been much talk lately about distracted drivers and just what people are distracted by when they should be focusing on driving their vehicle. Much of the issue lies within technology with people texting, talking, playing music or even using social media while they are behind the wheel. These activities may seem harmless in the moment but in reality can be extremely dangerous for not only the driver of the vehicle, but the passengers and anyone in the nearby vicinity. In short, it could be the cause of car accident injury.

Louisiana proposes bill to slow down commercial trucks

With injuries and deaths on Louisiana roads continuing to happen everyday, the state has proposed a bill that they believe could increase the safety of people traveling in passenger vehicles. Semi trucks, commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are already subject to lots of laws and regulations that ensure they and those around them are safe. However, these rules and laws have failed to eliminate motor-vehicle injuries and deaths when they are involved in truck accidents. One proposed bill would require Louisiana truck drivers to slow down.

One of Louisiana's state representatives recently filed a bill that would require 18-wheelers to drive 10 miles under the posted speed limit on State highways. He explained that in Baton Rouge specifically, there seem to be a lot of accidents involving large trucks that cause delays and injuries or even death to others. For example, a nasty accident occurred in which a semi-truck rear-ended a dump truck resulted in the death of a woman and caused a man to be badly burned. The state representative thinks slowing down truck drivers could prevent incidences like these from occurring.

What points to driver negligence for motorcyclist's injuries?

Most motorcyclists today know the risks of driving a motorcycle. Everything equal, motorcyclists have a higher chance of being involved in an accident or even of being seriously injured or killed in the process. Motorcyclists have every right to continue to travel the way they do. There are certain types of motorcycle accidents that point to situations in which the motor-vehicle driver was negligent at the time of the crash.

One of those situations is if a motor vehicle fails to yield to a motorcyclist. For example, the motor vehicle driver is almost always negligent if he collides with a motor vehicle when taking a left hand turn, and fails to yield to oncoming traffic. While this choice is almost never intentional, this type of motorcycle accident does raise a red flag that the driver was either distracted or did not use due care to check for the motorcyclist before making the left-hand turn.

Truck driver could be responsible for LA truck accident injuries

When we think about people who operate heavy machinery, it is hoped above all else that these people value safety. Since heavy machinery can cause injury quickly and without prior warning, a safe and aware operator can have a profound affect on the outcome of a machine malfunction. This theory applies to those that operate semi-trucks or tractor-trailers. These are considered heavy machinery even though they are an everyday occurrence in the average person's day.

Truck accidents can be catastrophic to those it affects. There can be many reasons for a truck accident, but one of these potential causes behind a truck accident injury is a distracted truck driver. There are numerous ways a truck driver could become distracted but common causes include fatigue, inattention to speed and inability to keep track of the traffic around the rig. If a truck driver was not properly trained, it may be even easier for them to become distracted while driving the rig.

Do not delay if truck accident has left you or loved one injured

A motor-vehicle or truck accident injury can turn the accident victim's life and their family members' lives upside-down. The suddenness of a truck accident can make the injury and situation even more traumatizing. For example, a truck accident may last a matter of moments, but can have a resounding impact for weeks or years to come. Those who have been injured due to the negligence of another should not delay in seeking the reparations they deserve.

Truck drivers, truck companies and related third-parties are held to a higher standard than are motor-vehicle drivers. While they are expected to do everything a motor-vehicle driver would do, they also have to adhere to another level of care and stricter federal regulation. These strict rules are in place for the exact purpose of preventing truck accidents and truck accident injury. When those safe-guards fail, where should an injured person and their family turn?

Suspected drunk driver plows into crowd at Mardi Gras

Louisiana, and New Orleans specifically are known around the world for a few things. One of those things is Mardi Gras, the annual party that brings locals and tourists alike to the streets of New Orleans to celebrate. This Mardi Gras, the party took a terrifying turn when a pickup truck crashed into a crowd of party goers. The city's police have released the driver's blood alcohol level at the time of the crash.

According to police reports and witness testimony, the man who is accused of driving carelessly into a crowd of people and injuring 28 people had a BAC of .232 at the time of the crash. This is nearly 3 times the legal limit of .08 and puts him in danger of not only civil suits but also criminal action by authorities. As of now, the driver has been charged with reckless driving and hit-and-run driving which are first-degree vehicular negligence charges. It is likely more will follow as the investigation continues to develop.

How do you prove negligence in a car accident?

Whether it is during the day or well into the night, the roads in New Orleans can often be seen filled with motorists. Drivers may be locals or from out of town, but the reality is that all drivers have the knowledge required to drive safely, even those who are unfamiliar with the roads they are travelling. Unfortunately, not all motorists use this knowledge. In fact, a driver may be negligent or reckless behind the wheel due to distractions or even intoxication. Such a situation could be the cause of a serious or even fatal car crash.

How do you prove negligence in a car accident? When an accident victim believes that a careless or negligent driver caused a car crash, it is possible to take action to hold that person liable for any resulting harm arising from the accident. In order to do so, the injured victim must prove four elements.

Protecting your rights after a motorcycle crash

Motorcyclists are able to enjoy rides and use their motorcycles as a source of transportation at almost any time of the year in New Oreans. While this mode of transportation is resourceful and an efficient way to get around, there are some risks and downsides to riding a motorcycle. If motorists fail to follow the rules of the road, or failto check their blind spots for travelers, a serious motorcycle crash could ensue.

Just like any other mode of transportation, drivers and passengers are afforded the right to travel safely while on the road. Unfortunately, some motorists fail to remain aware of smaller vehicles such as motorcycles. At Kambur Law Firm, PLLC, our experienced legal team is highly versed in the laws and regulations that protect bikers and their passengers. Thus, we are dedicated to helping those harmed in motorcycle accidents.

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