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March is a good time to remember victims of brain injuries

March is National Brian Injury Awareness Month and is therefore a good time to remember those in and around New Orleans, Louisiana, who are suffering from the effects of a serious or even so-called "mild" brain injury.

The symptoms of any brain injury are very serious. Even a person with a mild concussion may experience speech problems, disrupted sleeping patterns and even mood swings or memory difficulties. A person with a mild injury may need costly medical treatment and may also have to take days or even weeks off of work in order to recover.

Parking lot accident claims child's life

Our blog has often reported about how important it is for Louisiana motorists to keep a sharp eye out for other drivers and be mindful of the safety of others while they are traveling on the road. As a recent tragic case that happened in Covington, a city not too far from New Orleans, illustrates, the warning to pay attention applies equally when a driver is navigating through a parking lot.

According to reports, a child died after being hit in a parking lot by a pickup truck driver who apparently did not see the child. The accident happened in broad daylight while the child was low to the ground near a parked car in the parking lot, playing or otherwise doing what children tend to do. Apparently, the child's parents were nearby but may have been distracted while they were in the store.

How far does a truck travel before it stops?

Because they weigh more than cars, it takes additional time an energy to bring a semi-truck to an emergency stop than it does so with respect to a passenger vehicle. With this additional time comes a longer stopping distance.

According to one state's website, assuming they react to hazards at the same speed as the typical driver of a passenger car, a truck going 55 miles per hour will travel about 60 feet more than would a passenger car once each driver applies the brakes. Overall, it will take about 245 feet for a fully loaded truck to come to a complete stop from 55 miles per hour.

More on soft tissue injuries after motorcycle accidents

A previous post on this blog discussed how our law office represents motorcyclists who are victims of accidents that leave them with soft tissue injuries.

Those New Orleans residents who have a bit of medical background might recognize "soft tissue injuries" as a fancier phrase for things like sprains and strains of one's muscles, tendons or ligaments.

We represent motorcyclists who suffer soft tissue injuries

Any motorcycle accident is a serious affair. Because of the size difference between motorcycles and cars. It is a rare day when a New Orleans motorcyclist can just get up and walk away from his or her injuries.

Certainly, people can understand the seriousness of a motorcycle accident when a biker ends up in a coma, paralyzed or with broken bones. However, there are other types of serious injuries that commonly occur in motorcycle accidents.

New Year's among the most dangerous holidays

New Orleans is well known as a city where people travel in order to have fun. In addition to the annual Mardi Gras celebration, New Orleans is a great place to have a good time on the other major holidays of the year.

However, with those good times comes additional hazard on the Louisiana roads. In fact, according to the American Safety Council, New Year's Day ranks as the third deadliest holiday of the year, at least with respect to deadly car accidents.

What causes a truck to jackknife?

A large truck "jackknifes" when some or all of its wheels lose traction on the road, causing the trailer on the truck to head in one direction, while the tractor or cab of the truck, either continues along its intended course or veers off in another direction.

The results of a jackknife in and around New Orleans can be devastating. Since the trucker no longer has control of his rig, the vehicle can easily sweep other cars, trucks or vans off the road, causing a serious and potentially catastrophic tractor-trailer accident.

Representing victims of distracted truck drivers

A previous post on this blog discussed how federal regulations are in place to prevent federally regulated truck drivers from using their cell phones while they operate their vehicles.

This is a good idea, as a distracted truck drivers can travel yards. The danger of this is obviously that they will slam their large tuck into much smaller vehicles, which in turn could easily leave a New Orleans resident severely injured.

Federal regulations sharply limit trucker cell phone use

People in and around New Orleans probably recognize that distracted driving can be a real problem on Louisiana's roadways. Those who have seen someone trying to drive while they are talking on or using their cell phones know that they tend to drift in their lanes, not stop and engage in other dangerous behavior unwittingly.

The problem of distracted driving is particularly serious if the driver is operating a large truck. It takes a significant time, long enough to travel the length of a football field, for a trucker to take his or her eyes off the road just to make a phone call or send a quick instant message.

What types of damages are available after a car accident?

Louisianan personal injury legal protections serve as important protections for victims who have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accidents. Victims may wonder, however, what types of damages they may recover as a result of an accident they have suffered. A variety of damages are available through a personal injury and wrongful death claims for damages to help compensate victims for the harm they have suffered in a personal injury accident.

Victims may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses suffered in a car accident that they are unexpectedly left facing as they struggle to recover from the harm they suffered because of the negligence of another party such as a negligent driver. Not only can compensation for damages help with mounting medical bills following an accident, it may also be able to help with future medical expenses provided that the court is able to reasonably calculate the damages.

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